To upload DICOM files please use Upload menu item.
Select file to upload and press Upload button.
You can upload single DICOM file or many files in ZIP archive file. ZIP should contain DICOM files only.

Process DICOM set

To process DICOM set please use Uploaded list menu item.
Select file to process press Process link.
All files having same value in Study UID column will be sent for processing. You can sort list of files by clicking on title of columns.

View processed DICOM set

To view processed DICOM please use Review menu item.
You can see list of processed files for different count of last days. Shared tab contains common DICOM sets created by Administrator.
Click on any text in row to view details of processing .

Manage user's profile

To Manage user's profile please use Logged in menu item.
You can change your contact information or password.
To keep old password do not enter any text into Change Password and Confirm password fields. Press Save button to update your information.

How to get support

Please use our contacts to get support.